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Make them happy with a song that reflects your unforgettable moments!

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Store countless photos and videos in one t-shirt!

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A t-shirt that carries memories everywhere with you!

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1.It will be an original gift for friends/loved one.
2. An idea for decorating your home.
3.To save your best memories!

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How do we make them?

We use the highest quality materials. 3 mm thick plexiglass with a slightly smoothed surface. The design is printed on foil and glued to Plexiglas. It is tested for lightfastness and lasts a minimum of 30 years. Be sure that your glasses are of great durability, otherwise the customer is entitled to a free replacement!

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The delivery is at your expense, we work with the courier company Econt. The delivery price is determined by your location and whether you want it delivered to an office or an address. Usually the prices vary from 5 to 7 BGN

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Every order is made as fast as possible!

Return policy

We provide 100% money back or product replacement if you are not satisfied with our services!

Time for production

Production is from 2 to 4 working days, in case of technical difficulties or heavy workload, your order is likely to be delayed by 1-2 days!

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